More about me

I will talk a bit about myself, my relevant working history, and which certifications I have achieved on this page. Of course, most of my working history is also available over at LinkedIn.


People describe me as passionate and eager in my working life; they say I can pick up new stuff quickly. You might not expect it since I also blog in my spare time; I am not always working on my technical skills.

Among other things, I love to read (or listen) to an epic fantasy novel. I listen to film music and occasionally join discussions online. In my downtime, I also enjoy movies or tv series. If any time left, I also enjoy casual gaming.

Curriculum vitae

Below is a list of the projects I have done over the year. So far, I worked with two different companies. After finishing my internship with NLCom in 2016, I worked there for a year part-time. For my graduate internship, I chose the consultancy company QNH and ended up working there. I continued working there after the merger with ilionx. Some of the projects were in-house, and some were on a consultancy basis.

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I do not believe that certifications add a lot. They don't prove that I know something, just that I knew something at the moment of the test. I would instead look at someone's CV and see the years of experience with a particular skill. However, since this is my portfolio website, I decided to include them.

Professional Scrum Master I

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer