Hi, I am Max Hamulyák, the founder of Kaylumah

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and I am a Software Engineer

Building a solid solution is more important than the technology used.

I founded Kaylumah in 2020 as my side-business. It enabled me to pursue my projects and goals. At the moment, it is not my goal to be fully self-employed, but having my own company and branding will serve as an enabler.

Since I am from 1995 and graduated from my bachelor HBO-ICT in 2016, I am still in the early stages of my career. After my graduate internship at a company then called QNH, now ilionx, I was lucky enough to get a mentor that opened my eyes. His message sounded deep within me. I realised that it should also be part of my company slogan: "Building a solid solution is more important than the technology used".

So what can you find on my website? You can find information about me, projects that I have worked on, and my company. I also think it is time to pay it forward. So I decided to start blogging. I will share lessons learned, experiments done. Feel free to reach out and contact me. Let me know if I can help you, and what you think about my ramblings.