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I have decided to pick up blogging again. I wrote a blog post in September 2019 on GitHooks in the past that you can find here. At the time, I decided to use the platform Medium to voice my thoughts. After I tweeted too @shanselman I got way more views on the article then I had expected. So when in 2020, I decided to found Kaylumah, I knew I wanted more than just a regular portfolio website. Since I am learning a lot from my mentor over at ilionx, I want to share lessons learned and start building my brand and identity.

So what can you expect on my blog

Not sure about that yet, I suppose we will find out soon enough. The biggest problem will be time, but I will try and share ideas and or projects that I work on professionally, or even experiments I am trying.

I am a full-stack Software Engineer, and I specialize in backend development (mainly C# / Java). My current front-end framework of choice is Angular, but I have to admit that time, again, is an issue here. Because of time constraints, I cannot dabble in it al much as I would like. I suspect that I will write articles about my technology stack of choice. It will also include articles about Azure DevOps and Azure. Such as build pipelines and ARM templates. I might even write more articles about Git and Code quality.

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